I woke up! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.11.29 06:59)

d(*・ω・*)【GOOD MORNING】(*・ω・*)b

Why is the morning so cold!!!!

I got out of my futon today too, but
it took about 20 minutes(´`:)

I took as long as possible
before leaving the house…

Though it’d be fine if it were warm in the morning♪


When it’s cold
it’s refreshing, so
it’s fine LOL

( ´з`)⊂(´∀` )Which is it


Everyone, did you see
the Weekly Playboy
released yesterday?

If you haven’t seen it
let’s go to a convenience store!

Well then
let’s go energetically today too!


Watch Sukkiri♪

⊂(∵)⊃ Monkey

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