(2011.11.26 20:11)

Good evening★

Today Warota 7 did a EX Taishuu photoshoot~(。・ω・。)

Everyone was really excited (-ω-)

After the photoshoot, I played with Harugon and Wasamin! And Warota’s stylist and the shop manager of Angelic Pretty~(。・ω・。)

First, HaruWasaLove went to Pretty’s Tokyo store to pick up things Lovetan ordered, and then we met up with those two, and ate lunch゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

We had super delicious pizza and pasta\(^O^)/

After the meal, we had crepes

My cheeks fell off LOL

We talked about a lot of things

After we ate, we went to the Pretty press room where we usually borrow costumes (^q^)

Harugon and Wasamin tried on a lot of things lolol

I tried on a sailor outfit-style coat in a wine color!!

This coat is really cute (>_<)

Apparently it's out of stock(ノД`)…Too poular

I checked the new things before everyone else♪

They were cute

I love these kind of things.

Today was well-spent.

Really well-spent.

We talked! Our ages were really different but we talked!

I want to play again

Tomorrow is shaking hands in Hiroshima~

I’ll enjoy it~

From Lovetan.

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