(2011.11.24 22:37)

Everyone, did you watch
Best Hit Kayousai??!!

It was fun~⊂((・x・))⊃

The only bad thing was
I wasn’t able to meet Fuku-kun!
Too sad! Even though I love him!

Tonight I’m going to wet my pillow with tears along with Lovetan!


So, with this and that, Kobe was really fun!
I was able to eat a lot of delicious things, I’m happy.
I fell in love with Kobe even more this time☆

I want to go again! I’ll definitely go again!!

By the way, today was
the second anniversary of becoming good friends with Miichan♪


Thank you very much!

It’s already been two years~
Miichan is kind and loves shrimp, and kisses me so much it’s almost annoying.
I love Miichan (^o^)

Let’s get along from now on too☆

Calmly, politely, accurately

Are you doing the things you want to do~

Yes, sirrrrrrr!



The new costumes for today are cute! Aren’t they cute!
They’re like fairies

Three pink people. Tomo~mi-chan was pink too, but I missed the right timing to take a photo with here (>_<) Tomo~mi-chuwaaaaaaaan

It was a fun day! I'll do my best-mayuyu tomorrow too☆

For now
good night~

From Mayuyu

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