(2011.11.24 16:35)

It’s late, but
it’s a report of the Makuhari Messe handshake event from 11/12.

On that day, Mayuyu cosplayed

“Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Season”

It was too minor LOL
There were about three people that got it! As expected! Thanks!
It’s not Angel Beats! lol

It’s the uniform for the school that the main character in the game goes to, Hanegasaki Gakuen
The design is simple but cute and I really like it ^^
I’m glad I could wear it♪

I waited since morning, but in the end Wakaouji-sensei (a character from TokiMemo GS2) didn’t come to see me (>_<) We have to go on a pleasure cruise next time!

And and
on that day, the theme with Tanamin was…

Real-type. lol

Tanamin was Atobe from Tenipuri
(>_<) It suits her
I wanted to be Atobe and live my life like that! I was so into it!
Tennis is nice( ^-')b

Ah~ cool
I want to play tennis~

So with this and that, I wonder what cosplay I should do next time~\(^o^)/Everyone, what do you think?

From Mayuyu

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