Friends♪ Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.11.26 07:51)


Even though I got out of my futon
it took time today too, but
I made it to work in time!!


Now that I think about it!

Yesterday was Sasshii’s
birthday show (^o^)v

happy 19th birthdayヾ(^▽^)ノ

Everyone cried
at Sasshii’s comments!

She always laughs
and calls Harugon
a child.

I’m not a child! LOL

mess with Harugon too(-.-)ノ⌒-~

It’s no fair if
it’s just Lovetan(笑^□^)

All of Team A
loves Sasshii♪

After the performance
we had a surprise
party for her!!!!

She was cute
crying and saying

Sasshii~ really, congrats!

Haruka is
looking forward to
her 20th birthday show LOL

I’m counting on you to surprise me(●⌒∀⌒●)∩

I’ll do my best today too!

☆^(*≧ω≦)ノ~~~βyё βyё♪

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