[BRILLIANT ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.11.24 14:19)

Good afternoon(´▽`)ノ

It’s cold outside, but it’s
warm in the trainLOL

Now that I think about it
yesterday I went to
the beauty salon for my hair*・゜

Wazaki-san, thank
you very much for always
making my hair pretty///

I got a headspa, treatment, and gloss color
done, my hair is
smooth and silky(〃ノ▽ノ)

When it’s pretty, I really
get excited!

I have a lot of
confidence in my hair

And in the end…

Wazaki-san curled
my hair LOL

Fluffy curls are
super cute

I’m thankful thankful to Wazaki-san(つω・。`)

And in the evening I met with
my friends from elementary school
and we played*・゜

It was nostalgic~ LOL *cries*

We’re still close, so
it was pretty fun///

I want to do a girls’ group again

Well, with this and that
I have work now!!

I’ll do my best(*`o∀o艸)

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