(2011.11.19 21:45)

I don’t want to believe it…

Today they announced people leaving the Flower Troupe…

Yesterday I was really nervous and trying really hard not to think about it, but…

It really is painful to announce it now…
Because I love Flower Troupe as it is now(>__<) It was funny!

Now that I think about it, I looked at the program for Canary with Mutti
She pointed to a photo of Muu-san with glasses and saying "you like this, right".
Yeah. I do. I love Flower Troupe.←
Well, my favorite is Maa-sama, but *blush*

it's sad.
For such important people to suddenly disappear like this

I'll still go to see it!

All of Flower Troupe, please do your best in rehearsal!!

sniff sniff



Good night!

From Mayuyu

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