Tomo~mi’s birthday゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.11.21 22:52)

We had Nacchan’s #1 oshi Tomo~mi’s birthday show(*/ω\*)

Congrats on turning 20(*/ω\*)

There was a huge Chiyuu in the flower stand, it was very cute

The letter from the costumer
Shinobu-san was very lovely(つω;`)

Now that I think about it, I haven’t had a letter read to me in a birthday show(。-д-人-д-。)

No, I have, but not from someone who wasn’t there(´A`)

Changing the subject, today I wore an onyuu duffel☆

Next to me is Mariyannuヽ(‘v’●)

It’s from Candy Stripper!


I really planned to buy a girlier coat, but
when I went to the store this was cute so I changed my plans(´‐ω‐`)

But I want a girly coat too…..
I’m troubledσ(-c_-´。)

And I thought this.

No matter what I do I end up walking pigeon-toed.

So the cloth at the base of my big toe rubs up against it and it ends badly

If I pay attention to it in photoshoots and such it’s fine, but when I’m doing performances, when I bow I notice that I’ve been pigeon-toed

And the angle is different with my left and right feet. My left foot turns more.

Even if I think I want to pay attention to it when I”m walking, if I think about anything else I forget it

In the summer if I wear sandals without straps at the ankles or slippers at home, my heel comes out too

Walking is tough((((;;´д`))
↑Doesn’t it seem like a model’s comment?(゜∀゜)LOL

The subject keeps changing, but I have stiff shoulders!

When I get home I’m going to use the massage chair(・o・)ノ☆

When Yuka-chan is around, I feel like the quality of the performance goes up

I want to be someone like that too!


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