Kibou Sanmyaku゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.11.19 21:38)

The cameraman Nakano-san who did the jacket photos for Kibou Sanmyaku
also has done stuff since Seishun no Flag
like Gyu and Rouka wa Hashiru na and Hetappi Wink

Nakano-san is good-humored
and has even overdone it with Warota work
and sometimes Nakano-san is funny and I laugh too much that I can’t make good faces….LOL

The director for the music video Fukui-san
also did Valentine Kiss and Hetappi Wink☆

We always joke around with him saying “cuuuuuute”
and he’s very friendly!
He was wearing a mask, I hope his cold gets better!!!

All of the members got the CDs a bit early(*ノω`*)

I got two Ayarin cards\(^o^)/

Look forward to the release on November 30th!

☆11/23 19:00~
TV Asahi Nani Kore Chinhyakkei 2-hour Special

☆11/26 18:00~

☆12/4 18:10~

Fuji TV Shin Domoto Kyoudai

I’ll be happy if you watch those(´゜ω゜)


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