(2011.11.20 17:46)

Finally, finally, I cleaned my room・゜・(*ノД`*)・゜・

I couldn’t do it myself

I’m thankful to the friend who helped me clean it up!!!(つω;`)

She didn’t appear in my entries much while I was at school, but
she’s one of the friends that I’m still in touch with and we still play even after graduation.

I keep saying “my room is messy. I think I’ll clean it.” so
even t hough she kept offering to lend a hand to help, saying
“When I go to play, I’ll help clean up Natsumi’s room”, I don’t like calling on friends
or, more like it was so messy it was embarrassing m(__)m LOL

“So, I’ll clean up my room, so let’s do it together while video-chatting”
She helped like that( ;Д;)ヽ(´v`)

So, I started cleaning at about 23:00, and we showed each other our progress after 30 minutes.

But for some reason, I got really interested in
the things scattered around the TV stand

and while I was organizing those, 30 minutes passed

So when 30 minutes were up, not much had changed
so we extended it another 30 minutes, no matter
how much we’d cleaned or not

And 30 minutes later. I only showed the parts I had cleaned LOL

And another 30 minutes later. I finished cleaning
and was able to show my friend a clean room finally(つω;`)

While I was cleaning up, my friend had finished and was even changing clothes
I respect her! LOL

And now.
Even though less than two weeks have passed, my room
has gone back to the way it was before, it’s scary((((;;´д`))

I want to avoid that((((;;´д`))


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