(2011.11.23 19:15)

I’m going to answer questions I’ve received in letters!

There are a lot I’ve gathered((((;;´д`))LOL

Okay, start!!!!!

(´゜ω゜)Do you like characters other than Jackie?

(^-^)Dead Bear☆

(´゜ω゜)Were you influenced by your dad and older brother to read shounen and seinen manga?

(^-^) It was my older brother’s influence.

(´゜ω゜)You played Tooyama Asuka in Pochi tto na., has it affected your work since then?

(^-^) If even one person is different, the play’s flow and atmosphere changes completely. Each person’s influence on the other play is seriously huge. Performances are the same. BAsically, what I wrote in my blog after the performance yesterday.
I played Asuka, but Pochi ttona. was double cast, so I think I felt it even stronger.

(´゜ω゜)Has your dream changed from when you were younger to now?

(^-^) Before I joined AKB I wanted to be a nurse. I’m bad at looking after myself, but I like looking after other people, so I think it has nothing to do with being a child or an adult LOL

(´゜ω゜) What are important points about shaking hands with Nacchan?

(^-^) Don’t say hurtful things or say things in a bad manner. And if I look sleepy, wake me up! Do something with a big impact and open my eyes for me! LOL

(´゜ω゜) What are fans to members?

(^-^) They’re the reasons we can work hard. Because we have people cheering for us, we can face forward and do our best no matter what’s happening!
I think people who have been cheering for me since I was in middle school are really like family LOL

(´゜ω゜) My writing is messy, I got lost for words. Maybe it’d be better to use Word next time?

(^-^) It’s not so messy you should lose it! It’s normal! LOL I don’t mind either way

(´゜ω゜) Would it be bad for someone you’re dating to like idols?

(^-^) If they like Nacchan it doesn’t matter! But if they like them too much and are like “_____-chan, ooooooh” it’s not really good LOL

(´゜ω゜) If you could stop time for three minutes, what would you want to do?

(^-^) Three minutes is too short! It’d end with me just checking to see if it really stopped!

(´゜ω゜) What do you do on days off?

(^-^) Shopping, eating, beauty salon, hospital, sleeping – I usually combine three
I came back from Nagoya in my dad’s car, thanks!

(´゜ω゜) How are Hachi-chan and Rai-kun?

(^-^) They’re fine! Did you watch Nemousu?

(´゜ω゜)If you were to be in another play, what kind of role would you want?

(^-^) If I can stand on stage for even just a little longer, anything is fine~

(´゜ω゜) Out of all the stages up until now, which do you think is the most godly?

(^-^) A3rd, B3rd

(´゜ω゜) Have you been to Hachiouji?

(^-^) I’ve passed through. It has an image of being in front of Shinjuku. Hmmm? Or in front of Shibuya?

(´゜ω゜) What was your favorite costume from the Fukuoka concert?

(^-^) The shiny music costumes for Renai Circus

(´゜ω゜)Did you see the Perseus meteor storm?

(^-^) I didn’t. I want to go see a meteor storm. But I hate the cold so maybe when it gets warm next year

(´゜ω゜) What is your dad to you?
Are there things he does you don’t like, or times you don’t like him?

(^-^) I respect him. There haven’t been any times where I didn’t like him, but when I was small and he would rub his face up against mine with his unshaved facial hair, it hurt and I didn’t like it much

(´゜ω゜) Have you t hought about continuing on to college?

(^-^) Of course I have. Until 11th grade I thought I definitely would. But I thought a lot about what would be best for me in this situation, and investigated it and worried and worried and worried, and talked with my parents and school and agency and decided not to go.

(´゜ω゜) When you hit 1000 performances in the theater, is there anything you want to try doing?

(^-^) Be the center of Nagisa no Cherry?! LOL

(´゜ω゜) Nacchan seems to mess around a lot, do you do that with Y-chan too?

(^-^) Sometimes I do a lot. But Y-chan also messes with me too. It’s a good thing.

(´゜ω゜) Have you have manjuu from Gunma prefecture?

(^-^) I have! During a radio live broadcast!

The end!


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