(2011.11.19 09:13)

testerday I had filming for TV Asahi’s “Future Tracks→R” ∩^ω^∩

Mayu yesterday was like always, but somehow she felt a little different LOL

I think you probably won’t understand what I mean by that, so please watch the broadcast!

It finished early, so I wandered around and by fate, met with this(p〃□〃*)

When I went up a hill in Shibuya, a limited time only Kuma no Gakkou shop was open(*゜д゜*)

I bought a lot of goods((((;;´д`))

I’ll put them up later☆

They’re too cute, I didn’t want to leave the shop(つω;`)

Then I went to POOL and got my hair treated and cut by Serizawa-san ∩^ω^∩

About this time last year, my hair was long enough that it reached my back, I’m thinking of growing it out that long again, but…..

Or I could cut it…..

It’s not that much of a difference, but I’m torn now

Everyone, what do you think?


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