(2011.11.18 18:13)

Right now I’m in waiting time for a photoshoot.
Earlier I asked the staff what time we were going to start up again…

“We’re going to start up again in one hour.”

I heard that

three hours ago…( ^-^)b☆

Well, sometimes taking a long time like this is important too☆\(^o^)/Super positive

But it’s really cold…
It was my first time eating McNuggets that were completely chilled…

I want to go
to Hawaii!

Someone take me there\(^o^)/Lanikai Beach!

Well then

This is about what Mayuyu has been too into recently, Takarazuka, but…
Is it true that next year Miwacchi-san is going to be the leadd\(^o^)/My heart is racing!

Miwacchi-san was right on target in Canary earlier\(^o^)/Too funn y lol
I was laughing at Canary the whole time~ I wonder if they’ll release a DVD soon!
I’ll write more about Canary later
So kind people, please read it! Sorry!

Ah~ I’m looking forward to next year too (^o^)I’m looking forward to tours!
I really love the Flower Troupe, it hurts (^o^)

Ah~ haha
Sorry for talking about things only I like!

Ah~ I’m still in waiting time!


Another hour has definitely passed.

it’s cold, but let’s work hard!

Let’s go to Hawaii when it’s cold\(^o^)/

From Mayuyu

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