[Umumumumu ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.11.18 12:45)

Good afternoon・゜

Yesterday I slept
all day at home(つω・。`)

Actually, from
before, my condition
hasn’t gotten all the way better.

I’m sorry for hiding it(つω・。`)

My lymph glands have
swollen up and it was

The pain was too much I t hought I’d cry LOL *cries*

But before Ogi Matsuri
my manager took me to
the hospital and
I got a shot and medicine
so I’m getting better now *・゜

I’m thankful to my manager

By the way, my heart
is totally fine///

Don’t worry~(´▽`)ノ←←

Now I have a photoshoot, so
I’ll do my best

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