Ogi Pro siblings\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.11.18 16:20)

Good afternoon! It’s Mayuyu!

Team Ogi Matsuri day two on the 16th finished safely!
Sorry for the late entry (>_<)

Everyone who came to see us, everyone who watched at the movie theaters
and everyone who waited at home, thank you very much!
Mayuyu who usually waits at home flew to TDC Hall and did her best!

Anyway, in day two, a-a-a-a-amazingly!
Warota 7 was the top batter\(^o^)/Thanks!

We sang Hetappi Wink and ValeKiss (^o^)

But really~
I was super nervous! Pressure! Sure!
Thank you very much, everyone who cheered for us (>_<)

And and
in the unit shuffles, I sang "Blue rose"♪

According to Tomoyo-chan, it’s a black ‘turuturu’ costume LOL
I’ve sang this once before, so it was fun to be able to sing it again for the first time in a while\(^o^)/
I messed up kicking the mic, so I hit it with my hand! I hope no one was watching!

And in the Oto-gumi corner
continuing from the Girls’ Factory we filmed the other day
I was able to sing

“Nantettatte Idol”
“Yoake no MEW”

by Koizumi Kyouko-san
I was really really nervous! But I feel like I did better than last time!
But I really still have a ways to go, so I’ll work hard so I can sing even better!

By the way, I was able to sing wearing this flower costume I wore on M-Sta before♪
It really is a cute costume~ I want to wear it again

On day two, a lot of wonderful special guests like
Makihara Noriyuki-san, Hiramatsu Eri-san, Ikuina Akiko-san
Asakura Daisuke-san, Sakai Toshiya-san, Katou Izumi-san
and Yokoyama Rurika-chan and Kawamura Yui-chan from Idoling!!!
came for us♪
Thank you very much!
Too gorgeous, no way(^ω^;)As expected of the Ogi president!

I took a photo with Rurika-chan~

As usual she’s really cute and beautiful, I’m jealous\(//∇//)\I love her
I wanted to take a photo with Umeko-san too, but I missed the timing(>_<)Next time!

It was really a deep two days~
It was really well-spent! My body hurts all over\(^o^)/I'm hungry!

I'm looking forward to next year too!
I'm praying we can do it again!

Oh~ we're siblings~
Oh~ Ogi Pro siblings~!

Please support Team Ogi
from now on too\(^o^)/

From Mayuyu

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