Glutton♪ Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.11.18 14:25)

I’m really a glutton!

it’s sudden, but.

at the party after Ogi Matsuri
we did it at Sakichi
where we did last year’s…

It was
really delicious!

It’s a teppanyaki place
with a lot of different kinds of things(>∀<*)☆♪☆♪

For me who's a glutton
it was like heaven!

I don't have photos, but
I'm going to give you recommendations! LOL

I recommend

If you go to Sakichi
you have to eat it!!!


giant tamagoyaki!
This is delicious too!

It was my first time eating it, but it was too delicious
I ate almost all of it by myself LOL
The noodles were springy!

Like this
even though it was late at night I ate a lot【。ヘωへ。】

the fried beef
was delicious♪

While everyone was talking
I ate a ton LOL

I'm really a

It's laughable(≧皿≦)Haha!

I'm happy
when I'm eating!!!

I'm careful
not to gain weight…

Everyone, please try
going to "Sakichi"♪


I"m hungry!

I have one job before
the performance today!

What should I have for lunch? LOL

☆^(*≧ω≦)ノ~~~βyё βyё♪

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