Eh, hold–\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.11.19 08:35)

Ho-ho-hold on
Right now I’m really distracted
is it true that Takarazuka will appear on FNS Kayousai
Is it true?

But- wait- hold on-


Eh, ho-
eeeehhhhhhhh really

My heart is throbbing violently!!
Aahhhuwaaaaai (^o^)

Ahhhhhhhh hurry up and get to December 7th alreadyyyy


No wayyyyyyy

Live Yuuhi-san, no waaaayyyyy
And this is the meeting of Mariko-sama and Yuuhi-sama, huh! I’m looking forward to that!

Ahhhh~~~~ hehe

Let’s study the Cosmos Troupe before December 7th!

If this were the Flower Troupe
I would probably die.

Anyway, Takarazuka is hot.
I love them too much it hurts.

It hurts (^o^)

Sorry for being like this in the morning.

I’ll do my best-mayuyu today too~ o(^▽^)o

From Mayuyu

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