(2011.11.16 14:44)

Good morning
It’s Mayuyu!

“Ogi Matsuri”
day one
happened in TOKYO DOME CITY HALL\(^o^)/

Everyone who came to the venue
and everyone who watched at a movie theater
and everyone who was waiting at home
thank you very much!

We sang

“Kibou Sanmyaku”

Warota 7’s new single releasing on 11/30♪

It was our first time performing it fully
Everyone, please support us☆

In the unit corner, I was able to sing

“Nantai Renai Kuragekko”

one of Mayuyu’s beloved songs~

I really love that song, so I was really happy to be able to sing it again after last year’s Ogi Matsuri♪

Wonderful guests like Aqua Timez’s Futoshi-san and SHINee-san and Oonishi Lion-san appeared too, no way(^ω^;)Ogi Matsuri is amazing

Yesterday we performed

“Kossetsu Romance”

from Warota’s album for the first time
It really is a cute song )^o^(
The dance is cute too, I like it♪
I want to sing it again~

In the encore
we celebrated Miichan’s birthday which was yesterday☆
The cake and Miichan were cute~

Miichan singing

“Watashi wa Watashi” was shining and sparkling, she was lovely☆
Miichan, happy birthday again!

everyone wore happi and sang Oogoe Diamond (^o^)

today is finally Ogi Matsuri day two! The final day!

I’m looking forward to a lot of stuff today too\(^o^)/

Everyone who’s coming to the venue
everyone who’s watching it at the movie theater
and everyone who’s waiting at home
please support us today too!

I’m counting on you☆

Well, I’m going to rehearsal⊂((・x・))⊃

From Mayuyu

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