(2011.11.17 18:01)

Girls usually like shiny things

And crows tooヾ(・ε・。)LOL

Earlier I went to play at Rady’s pressヽ(‘v’●)

☆Press’s Nagano-san☆

Nagano-san is too kind\(^o^)/She was cute when she smilied\(^o^)/

I like skull motif set-ups(*/ω\*)
Skull and suwaro would be perfect(//∀//)!!!

I think I want to try decorating accessories with suwaro, but I just think that LOL

Lately I haven’t been doing work with small things, but my fingers are skillful
I’m nostalgic for elementary school when I played with beads and bracelets….

Haachan has the image of decorating things a lot, I think it’s amazing! The ability to take action!!!!!!

Even though I’m at the level where it’s tough to use suwaro(ー∀ー`)

But I want to try it.
I think so.

Ah, I wore this set to Ogi Matsuri rehearsal!

Mayu and Lovetan wore Rady’s sets on the same day too(*゜д゜*)


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