Ogi Matsuri! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.11.17 18:13)


The two days of Ogi Matsuri
finished in the blink of an eye.

I wanted to do more(‘A`)


It was super fun!
It was too fun, too fun
I really thought

“time, stop!!!!!”

A lot of people
saw it.

And cheered for us.

And yelled out

I was
really really happy!

I’m glad we could do
Ogi Matsuri this year too!

I want to do it again next year too♪

And this time
there were a lot of surprises!

My beloved
Shoujo Jidai
and kara
gave us messages!! (〃^∪^〃)

I was
super happy!

everyone who came
to the venue
thank you very very much!

I have to work hard
so we can do this
again next year!!!!

who I talked with backstage a lot♪
She’s always tsundere to Haruka!

Meeting her for the first time in a while
and doing weird things on stage
was fun!

We’re the same age!
She’s like an older sister to me LOL


the staff
everyone involved
and the fans

and the Ogi president

thank you very much!

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