[Yes, everyone, let’s watch it. ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.11.14 22:30)

Rehearsal finished

Tomorrow is finally Ogi Matsuri’s
opening night ><*


Everyone, let's make the best
memories together!

I'll work hard with all my strength
for both days of Ogi Matsuri・゜

Please cheer for us *blush*

And I have important
news for everyone

Tomorrow, Watarirouka
Hashiritai 7’s mook
is going to be released!!

It’s packed of things(;゜Д゜)

When I received it, I looked
at it a ton LOL

You have to see it

It’s a mook
full of this and that
from each member

And all seven of us
have different costumes///

It fits my character perfectly!

Yeah, I talked a lot.

Everyone, check out the mook(*`o∀o艸)

Seriously? It’s a promise?←←

Well, I have to wake up early tomorrow too*・゜

Right now I’m updating in the bath LOL

I’m going to sleep right after I get out

Everyone across the country
good night *б∀б

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