I’m fine! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.11.14 07:45)


I’m sorry
for the late update…

When I went to the hospital
it wasn’t a cold
my tonsils were irritated
and my condition was not good

Because I’m bad at managing my condition
I worried a lot
of people
I’m sorry[。>_<。]

I got medicine
and I've gotten better!

I get a lot of energy
from a lot of people

at handshake events, so
Harugon will give energy today.

Everyone is
so kind♪

I really
can't survive
without everyone…

I got a lot of energy
from everyone
so I'm fine now!!

I want to manage
my condition properly
so I won't get sick again!

It's cold today too, so
everyone, stay warm!

Harugon is
going to work
with warm clothes!

Today is
a Warota photoshoot starting in the morning(-^□^-)

I'll do my best!

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