It’s okay\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.11.11 22:24)

Good evening\(^o^)/It’s Mayuyu!
It’s been a little bit!

I participated in

“Misora Hibari Memorial Concert
Daijoubu, Nihon!
~Sora Kara Mimamoru Ai no Uta~” (^o^)!
I was happy to be able to stand on such a lovely stage~

it’s Tokyo Dome!
It was huge~ it was amazing~

It was Mayuyu’s first time in Tokyo Dome. Probably.

We sang the two songs
“Omatsuri Mambo”
“Kaze wa Fuiteiru” (^o^) Wasshoishoi!
Pihyara! Tentsuku!

Next time it’ll be good if we can do an AKB live there
I’ll go again, to Tokyo Dome!


Tomorrow is individual handshakes!
I wonder what I should wear (^o^)

Well, I’ll probably wear cosplay as usual\(^o^)/

What should I do…maybe I’ll wear a colored wig again.
Maybe I should be safe. If it’s too minor, people might not get it, sorry (>_<) Get it~

Look forward to it☆



So, with that.
Everyone I'm going to meet tomorrow, I'm counting on you! Ufufu

Good night☆

From Mayuyu

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