(2011.11.06 20:38)


there was a handshake event

at Fuku-chan, aka Fukuoka’s Marin Messe Fukuoka!!
Everyone who came, thank you very very much!

It happens every time, but
I’m bad at conversation, so…
sorry I couldn’t talk very well (>_<)
People who I couldn’t engage with, I’m really sorry.

I was happy to be able to talk with a lot of people~
I was happy to see a lot of smiles today too.

Now that I think about it, it’s come quickly
it’s the season for voting for Request Hour Setlist Best 100!

there were a lot of people who said
“I’m voting for Mayuyu’s solo song!”
but sadly, you can’t vote for them this time.
Sorry (>_<) You can vote for any AKB song, so
please support us♪

Mayuyu today☆

Somehow today, there were a lot of people who liked Takarazuka
I was super excited\(^o^)/Ufufu
People told me a lot about
their recommendations and students, thank you very much♪
If you like Takarazuka, let’s talk!
Particularly, I’m waiting for people who like the Flower Troupe\(^o^)/LOL

On the way back, everyone went to a delicious food shop.
I forgot to take a photoΣ(゜д゜lll)Thanks.

Even though I was eating, I was in a haze…Sazae delicious!

I want to go to Fukuoka again\(^o^)/Take care of me then too☆

I love Sasshii\(//∇//)\
(I was told to say that by Sasshii who’s next to me.)

From Mayuyu

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