Monkey day! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.11.03 22:39)

★。・+゜・。(*u_u)<Good evening

I went on a date with Komozaru today too!


We went to see Planet of the Apes!
Both of us are monkeys so we understood their feelings!
Monkeys are amazing!

We aren’t as smart as the monkeys in Planet of the Apes so we want to get smarter!

After that
we ate parfaits♪

After we ate
we took a walk
to burn off the calories!

We walked a lot
and got hungry, so

we got shabushabu!

We just ate LOL

Ah, but
we finished eating at six, so
it’s okayヾ(^▽^)ノ


We want to relax~

we got like that
and went to get massages!

It felt good
we fell asleep!

We were able to relax
and the swelling went down, it was the best♪((●>ψψ<))))

So like this
I did a lot of things today!

I made the best of
my first day off in a while♪

today Komorin came over at Harugon's house!

She's making herself at home at my house now★☆(*´з`*)☆★

Tomorrow we have to wake up early, so
we're going to take a half-bath and sleep!

(ρ_‐)。oO Good night…zZZ

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