(2011.11.05 20:07)

Strike both hands and raise your knee~~~!!!



the day before yesterday

there was a handshake event in Hiroshima!!

Everyone who came, thanks~~!!
We used to do handshake events in a place like a department store parking lot in Hiroshima.

Now we get to do handshake events in huge venues.

I’m happy!
I’m thankful to everyone.
I’m full of thankful feelings.

I’ll continue to
do my best!!

On the way back, we ate okonomiyaki.

Oh, delicious! Delicious!
They were grilled in front of us. Thanks!

The store name was “Atom”
When I saw “Tomu” written in big hiragana letters, that came to mind.
The person Shawako-san loves so much. Hehe

But really~
I got full in a lot of ways☆
Seriously delicious!

I want to go again!

Tomorrow is Fukuoka!
We’ll fly all over Japan!

Everyone, take care of us☆

From Mayuyu

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