Photoshoot now! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.11.02 12:16)


Yesterday I had filming until night
and fell asleep so I couldn’t update!!

Forgive me♪(^ω^)b

So today is
a Warota 7 photoshoot♪

I’ve been doing my best
since morning!

it’s a swimsuit, so
even though I want to eat, I can’t eat…

I tried saying that!

I lost to temptation
and ate even though I was in a swimsuit(/Д`;


That kind of thing happens too!

I still have photoshoots until night, so
I’ll hold back and not
give into temptation.

I wonder what everyone is
having for lunch?

(ゝc・о)☆βyё βyёйё☆

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