Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.11.02 21:38)

Yesterday I did filming for TV Asahi’s “Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei Two Hour Special”
with Mayu!

It was a very fun filmingヾ(*’∀’*)ノ

It was fun pressing the button(゜∀゜)LOL

11/23 (Wed) 19:00?
Please watch it!

And today I did photoshoots for FRIDAY and Weekly Playboy and duet☆

Warota 7 is too fun(*゜д゜*)

Today the setup talk was the most exciting(*´з`*)

We decided on a common setup and talked about wild imaginative lies

The MVP was……………….


Harugon is too funny

But the photo is with Mayu! LOL
On the Hikari TV skit show Bimyo~,
Mayu played an interviewer and I played a Nadeshiko Japan player!

Off-shots from the photoshoot at SeaPara before!


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