(2011.10.31 21:08)

Good evening★

Today was Music Japan filming (^q^)

I sang at NHK Hall for the first time in a while゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

This time, it was with AKB and Warota, one person playing two roles lol

Cool (>_<)

And we performed Warota's new song "Kibou Sanmyaku" for the first time. I was nervous.

It's releasing on November 30th.

The song this time is a Warota 7-ish cheering song saying that

life isn't all fun, but let's face our dreams and move forward

Please support us

Today good things happened, so I’ll probably have nice dreams

When I get back I have to remember a lot of thingsI’ll do my best

From Lovetan.

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