Handshake event-tan

(2011.10.30 22:42)

Good evening★

Today is the day before Halloween!

I went to a handshake event for Kaze wa Fuiteiru at Makuhari Messe゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

For all of Warota 7, the costumes for yesterday’s party were too fun so we wore th esame costumes today\(^O^)/

All of us gathered☆

Isn’t it cute? (´・ω・`)?

Everyone is cute, so everyone has nosebleeds, right LOL

Somehow in the handshake event I was asked “is your outfit today a casual outfit?” and there are probably people who I said “yes!” like normal to, but it’s really a costume!

I put on a show LOL

I was able to talk to people for the first time in a while, it was fun being told “cute” a lot

Thank you very much♪

There were people worried about my health, but everyone else be careful too

Tomorrow is finally really Halloween♪

I’m not doing anything but I’m looking forward to it too much (>_<)

From Lovetan.

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