Handshake♪ Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.30 21:56)

(ノ゜∀゜)ノGood evening*:+:・゜☆彡

The individual handshake event finished♪

Everyone who came
thank you very much!

I always think this, but
a lot of people came from the country
I’m really happy!

For today’s outfit
it’s before Halloween, so
I wore the costume I wore in the Halloween live yesterdayヾ(^▽^)ノ

You were probably surprised LOL

All of Warota wore them!
Halloween is fun p(*≧ω≦)/

I’m glad people told me it suited me v(。・ω・。)Yay♪

I cut my hair short, but
so many people told me it looked good
that I was really surprised, I was so happy o(>∇<)o Yay

I was a little worried
how everyone would think, but
I'm glad I cut it short♪♪♪

I feel like today I was able to talk more than usual!!!
Maybe I've gotten less shy?

I'm glad I could talk
with a lot of people('ω'*)Aha♪

Next is probably November?

I'm looking forward to it┌(▲A▲┌ )┐Wasshoooooi!!!

I met Churi for the first time
in a while((●≧▽≦● < Love you☆★

ヽ(●´∀`○)ノ★SЁЁ YOU☆(●´∀`○)ノ

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