Halloween! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.30 07:00)

Yesterday I went to the
Halloween Party 2011!!

All of Warota dressed up(゜∇^*) Tehe♪

This time
made them all!

Thank you very much♪

Komorin playing
with Shinobu-san(LOL´∀`)hehe

Komorin is
a pumpkinヾ(^▽^)ノ

It looks goodヾ(≧∀≦*)ノ彡

I took a lot of photos with everyone, so
I’ll put them up later♪


I was a witch!

It’s a mischevious

It was a really fun
Halloween party!

It’d be nice if we could participate next year too♪

Today is a handshake event━━。+゜(*´∀`*)。+゜━━

Look forward to
what I’ll wear(●U∋U)。o☆Excited

.゜・:*:・゜☆☆*:;;;;;:*☆вуe вуe☆*:;;;;;:*☆

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