(2011.10.29 09:20)

Good morning!
It’s Mayuyu!!

Yesterday I appeared in Music Station☆

We sang

Iiwake Maybe
Kaze wa Fuiteiru!

Iiwake Maybe is nostalgic!
Kaze wa Fuiteiru is our new song!

The costume was new(^o^)

There are numbers on it!
They put 5 on it for Mayuyu’s senbatsu election rank.

It was our first time since they updated the M-Sta set, but
I felt like it got bigger ^^

It was fun!
I’m glad I could talk with NMB’s Saya-nee!
I’m jealous of Yuuhi-san’s popularity!
Let’s get along with Hana-gumi too!

today is finally…



That’s right!

It’s the Halloween live sponsored by VAMPS-san!!
No way(^ω^;)I’m looking forward to it too much, I couldn’t sleep!

Because I worked hard yesterday and prepared!
I’ll do my best~~~!

Kobe, hehe\(^o^)/Takarazuka!
I thought I would watch a DVD in the bullet train, and brought the Flower Troupe’s Phantom, but suddenly I wanted to watch SounHori! So I’m listening to Meruhien!

Joelle-san is seriously a saint!
Kanojo Majo now!


From Mayuyu

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