(2011.10.28 16:39)


Today was a UTB photoshoot゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Up To Boy

It was my first solo photoshoot for UTB\(^O^)/

I always hinted “it’d be nice if I could do that~” to the editor Y-shita-san

and it finally happened(●´ー`●)

This time MARCO-san who’s a girl cameraman took the photos♪♪

It’s cute, if I do say so myself lolol

MARCO-san took really cute photos, I feel like she knows me very well LOL

I support MARCO-san☆

This time you might be able to see a Lovetan from a new world? (・ω・)

I wore outfits I’ve never worn before!
I want everyone to check it when it comes out?

The release date is November 24th!

Please don’t forget to check it out

Well then, tomorrow is finally the Halloween live

I’m looking forward to it

From Lovetan.

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