Le Poisoooooooon\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.10.26 22:32)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu!

What did Mayuyu do yesterday…

I went to see Takarazuka’s Flower Troupe’s nation-wide tour♪

The location was Act City Hamamatsu!
That’s right! It’s the place where my fated meeting with Erefu was in August, I know.

It’s nostalgic~ I dashed from the station to Act City~

But for me to go to Hamamatsu alone, I’m too serious!
I like the Flower Troupe that much!


“Chiisa na Hana ga Hiraita”

It was a very warm and relaxing story, so I was happy ^^

Ranju Tomu-san was cooler than I expected, I was shocked…no way(^ω^;)

Oricchan appeared too, she was too cute…I think her happiness when she was struck by Shigeji-san was very good.

The children were really cute too!
Acchan is cute! An angel!
I can’t get enough of Kikuji’s young boy voice (^q^) hehe

Mayuyu looked forward to this the most…

“Le Poison, Love’s Aphrodisiac II”

It’s hereeeeeeee(゜∀゜)!!!
It really was the best, just as rumored!
It seems like Shawako-san loves this too ^^

I like Le Poison~(・∀・)Yes!
The songs are good~ Mebuki-san’s singing voice is lovely~
Daimon-san is good at singing ^^

Suits! Suspenders! Ranju Tomu-san! Hips!

Le Poisooooooon!
Le Poisooooooon!

My head is all Le Poison!
Endless repeat!
I’m totally addicted!


And on the way back
I went home while reading a magazine I bought at the goods sale

Ranju Tomu-san keeps being more and more of a handsome man…I can’t get enough of the RanRan combo\(^o^)/!

That Flower Troupe-san nation-wide tour
goes across the country
until November 13th!

In the play, you laugh and cry and feel warm
and the show has a “le poisoooooon” feel, I recommend it a lot(b^-゜)☆

If you have the time, please go see it♪

From Mayuyu

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