[Hi, good evening ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.10.26 22:30)

I had Watarirouka 7 photoshoots
all day today・゜

It was hard, but it was
a really fun photoshoot///←

I love Watarirouka 7, chucchu*°

At night, I had Watarirouka 7
radio recording with Nacchan
and Komorin((p(*・v・*)q))

It was the first time
with the three of us///

Anyway, it was super
smooth and we were

Komorin’s world was in full throttle LOL

If you listen you’ll understand *б∀б

I want to do the radio show again
with this combination *б∀б

Everyone, please listen*・゜

Well then

today I’m going to
take a bath and warm my body
earlier than usual…

Everyone, good night

I hope I can have good dreams…

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