Koufuku Record! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.25 23:40)

Good evening*.゜+ヽ(○・▽・○)ノ゛ +.゜*―!!

The Koufuku Record final performance
finished safely!!

I was happy
a lot of people saw it
for me!

Everyone who came
thank you very much♪

I’m really thankful
I was able to appear in this play.

Rehearsals were tough
and I got really worn out in run-throughs

I couldn’t do it at all
and hated myself

I laughed a lot too
and the time I spent
with my costars
and the staff members
was fun!! (〃^∪^〃)

It’s sad that it’s
over though(;ρд`c)

I want to do Koufuku Record
and experience a lot
and grow more!

I want to keep going like myself
so I can repay everyone
who I met in this play!

Please continue to support me
from now on too!!!

Thank you very much!

for messing around with me all the time♪

Let’s have a takoyaki party♪

tomorrow I’m waking up at 5:30, so
I have to sleep early…

Someone wake me up LOL

After the photoshoot
I have a performance for the first time in a whileヾ(*´∀`*)ノKyakkya♪

I’ll be waiting
for the people coming to the show!

○o。..:*・(uωu人)Good night・*:..。o○

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