(2011.10.25 15:56)
Good afternoon\(^o^)/It’s Mayuyu

On October 22nd (Sat)

I had filming for

the show that I’m MC for with Asakura Daisuke-san


I was really nervous all day!
No way(^ω^;)

Of course I was nervous talking, but
in the end I was most nervous when singing! Really!

I was able to sing the two songs

“Nantettatte Idol”
“Yoake no MEW”

by Koizumi Kyouko-san with Asakura Daisuke-san!
Both songs are really lovely songs, so…I love them☆

I fell in love with them even more singing them

But really~
But I was really nervous ><

I was able to sing in the opening at the beginning of the live, but I was too nervous, I don’t remember what it was like >< Everything in front of my eyes was pure white

Thank you very very much to everyone who sent warm calls to me in all of that(´;ω;`)! I was really happy!

Thank you very much to all of the girl artists that performed!
I was happy to see all those lovely lives(・∀・) It was fun!

The songs that I heard that day are endlessly repeating in my head!
Let’s work, let’s work!

That filming

is going to be broken into two
and broadcast on CS Fuji TV ONE on

11/26 (Sat) 21:50~23:20
12/11 (Sun) 22:30~24:00

watch it☆

I’m counting on you\(^o^)/

I’m at a slave market now

From Mayuyu

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