(2011.10.24 22:31)

Good evening, it’s Mayuyu!

Sorry for the sudden notice!
bayFM ON8 finished! Live broadcast

It was fun! It was exciting-nontii!!

And when the live broadcast was over and I looked at my iPhone, I had a message from my older sister!!

Tsukigumi’s Kiriya Hiromu-san is leaving the group!!!
Kieeeeeeeee! I”m shocked!!!

Shocked! Shocked!

I called Mutty right away!
By the way, Mutty supports Oozora Yuuhi-san!
I’m also curious about Asumi Rio-san!

It would have been good if I could have seen Alger no Otoko…

And and
is it true that Milky Holmes-san is having a performance in Budoukan?!
Amazing! Kieeeieeeeee


I’ll do my best-mayuyu tomorrow too o(^▽^)o Mufufu




I’m looking forward to the Halloween live too much…I bought something today! I’m looking forward to the day of the event


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