Put your all into it! Harugon blog (^3^)/

(2011.10.24 23:08)

(●・ω・)ノ★。、::。.::・’゜Good evening☆。.::・’゜★。、::。.::・’゜ (●・ω・)

The play
finished safely
today too d(*´∀`*)b

Everyone who came
thank you very much!

there was an after talk too
it was fun!!

For the after talk
I can be Harugon freely, so
I can run wild LOL

Sorry♪ Aha.


Today finished, so
tomorrow is finally the final day!


That was fast。(゜うェ´゜)゜。

I want to do it

I want to make the last one a wonderful show
putting all those feelings into it!

I hope
tomorrow everyone can end it with a smile!

I’m thankful I could meet
all the cast and staff
of Koufuku Record.

I’m blessed.


I don’t want it to come, but…

I’ll run through until the last!

(*´▽`)ノシ Bye bye~。・+゜・。☆彡

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