[What makes you happy? ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.10.21 23:38)

Good evening⊂((・x・))⊃

Today I went to school
and played with a school friend

It was my closest

We wandering around aimlessly in Shibuya/// lolOL

Today I overslept
and was late to school
it was frustrating…*cries*

Well, that kind of thing happened
and at night, I went to Yokohama
to see the play *Koufuku Record*
that Harugon is in

It was super fun!

But I was moved by the end(´;ω;`)

The play was funny
and moving(´;ω;`)

Nattsumii and Harugon
were both really good

And they were cute///

And I was able to meet
my friend Umeko, I was
super happy~

It was too long
I was excited, and her acting
was super good(ノд・*)

It was a work
that I thought I’m really
glad I could go see it…

If you haven’t seen it!

It’s definitely better
to go see it(ノд・*)

*What makes you happy?*

I can’t get that phrase
out of my head…

It’s a phrase
that makes you thing(ノд・*)

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