The setting sun\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.10.20 17:06)

Good afternoon\(^o^)/It’s Mayuyu!

On the 16th, there was a handshake event in Hokkaido…

I was finally able to see Matobu Sei-san’s Nescafe CM >< I’m delighted!
She really is beautiful…even after leaving Takarazuka, she still has the beauty she had in it!
I had just seen the DVD of “Rakuyou no Palermo”, so Count Rodrigo flickered in my mind ><

Beautiful people are justice!

returning to the main topic…

Everyone who came to Hokkaido on the 16th\(^o^)/Thank you very much!

It was fun to talk with everyone (*^ω^*)
Mayuyu-san is happy to see a lot of smiles!

But Hokkaido is already reaching the cold season(^ω^;)No way!
Everyone, please be careful not to freeze ><

I’ll go to meet everyone again! Hokkaido!

I bought a lot of cheese on the way back\(^o^)/I love it too much!
Tell me your recommendations next time!


From Mayuyu

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