Perfect attendance prize\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.10.17 10:40)

It’s Mayuyu (^ω^)

On the 15th
there was a handshake event in Osaka’s Kyocera!

About 27000 people came
I’m really happy(´;ω;`)

Thank you very much!!

Fans told me this, but
it seems like Mayuyu has participated in every single handshake event in Osaka so far!
Seriously! No way(^ω^;)

Participating in everything since “Oogoe Diamond”, amazing!
I’m surprised myself!
To go to Osaka 12 times!

Amazing, Mayuyu-san\(^o^)/!

It’ll be nice if I can participate in the Osaka event next time too~
Aim for a perfect attendance prize!

Everyone in Osaka is full of energy, Mayuyu won’t lose(`・ω・´)!
I hope I can meet everyone again! Thank you very much!

The takoyaki I ate on the bullet train on the way back was delicious (^o^) Delicious!

I’ll do my best-mayuyu
today too o(^o^)o

From Mayuyu

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