[One week goes by quickly ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2011.10.16 23:04)

Good evening(*б∀б)

I’ll do it this time too.
Ayarin’s Q&A~・゜

I’m going to answer everyone’s

What do you do on your free days?

A* I basically sleep LOL
And I go out with my family
and go shopping
and play with friends
I basically watch DVDs
and wait around at home ∩∀`*

Do you like messaging? Or calling?

A* Mostly messaging? LOL

What are types that Ayarin doesn’t like much (;´д`)

A* Basically…
people who lie easily.
People who are just talk.
People who have small hearts.

Is it okay to wear
Ayarin t-shirts to lives
and handshake events?

A* Please
I’m really happy
when people wear Ayarin
t-shirts and have goods *blush*

What do you think of
short men?

A* I think it’s fine!
I think you shouldn’t
worry about it…

Yes, I’m going to stop here for today*・゜

A new week starts
tomorrow, but
let’s do our best together(〃ノ▽ノ)

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