(2011.10.15 18:18)

Today I went to see the play “Danshi-ing” written and directed by
Shiroyanagi Isao-san who also did Pochi tto na.ヾ(*’∀’*)ノ

The place is the same as Pochi tto na, Soutetsu Honda Theater!

At the entrance, there’s a flyer for
the play Harugon and Nattsumii are in, “Koufuku Record”!

After the play, I took a photo with
Tsutomu-san and Akkii who’s in Danshi-ing ∩^ω^∩

The force of Akkii’s hand was too much, it blurred Σ(○д○;) LOL

For the meaning of this pose
look forward to seeing it(*´з`*)♪

Tsutomu-san’s power really is amazing!!!

Thank you very much for the great laughs(゜∀゜)!!!

There are some jokes here and there that you’ll only get if you saw Pochi tto na
so if you saw Pochi tto na, I want you to see this(*゜д゜*)!


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