(2011.10.14 22:51)

Seems so.

Though it’s a (self-called) (ー∀ー`)

Komori Mika-san!

Komori’s hairstyle today is cute ∩^ω^∩

It’s a hairstyle I definitely can’t do(´A`)

Sumire and Harukyan both said they wanted Komori to try☆

She finally tried it\(^o^)/

When we were doing make-up, Komori and I and our make-up artists talked about

how Komori had never heard
the phrase “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger”
and didn’t know the meaning of “bulls-eye!”

The make-up time was full of laughing
at Komori’s incomprehensible answers(゜∀゜)♪

Everyone messed around with Komori, both the make-up people and members (mostly me LOL)

Everyone loves Komori(*´з`*)


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