(2011.10.15 14:12)

Good afternoon★

Today I’m free, so…

No, I’m not free

But I wanted to go on a date with my beloved person??

So today I’m going on a date with a certain person!!

(-ω-)[Who is it??
(-ω-)[Are you trying to date Lovetan before me?!

I’ll be happy if you think that lololol

Well then, on the way back from yesterday’s radio filming, I bought cake for my family(。・ω・。)

Though it wasn’t a special day or anything(。-∀-)

From the store chocoholic☆☆

There were a lot of cute cakes, it’s a cute store!

Yesterday I bought a Nancy cake and a cheesecake.

I’m going to go again

From Lovetan.

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