(2011.10.12 09:53)

Vietnamese food that Mayu and I really like, “pho”

Between beef and chicken, I like chicken(*´з`*)

It’s rice noodles.

It’s smooth and thin and flat noodles!
It’s delicious!

Mayu and I had lots of kinds of pho\(^o^)/

We ate four bowls\(^o^)/

I wonder how many times Mayu said “I’m hungry! I want to eat pho!”

And Mayu’s actions were amazing!

“Let’s order pho through room service”.

Even though we couldn’t speak Vietnamese or even English(;´Д`)ノ

I said it was impossible, but
Mayu said “okay, I’ll call!” and tried(つω;`)

“Pho please”
“Room service”
She used easy words like that, and talked to a lot of people on the phone, and finally the fourth person asked “chicken or beef?”\(^o^)/

So, the pho we got was like this*´ω`つ゛

We didn’t want cilantro so we said “no herbs”, but it didn’t get through(;´Д`)ノ

It really is different without hand gestures and stuff.

Even though it got through at the shops (>_<)

But it was still delicious☆

I really really felt like I want to be able to speak more English this time(つω;`)

My English stopped in 8th grade~
First I have to increase my English vocabulary L(o`・Д・o)/

Well, now I'm going to costume fitting☆


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