(2011.10.12 23:27)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu!

I’m alive!
I returned safely from Vietnam!


I participated in the awards ceremony for

“The 24th Japan Glasses Best Dresser Awards”

As AKB48’s glasses senbatsu!
Yay! I’m glad I could continue from before!

We got a special award!
It’s an award given to people that others want to wear glasses.
Okay! I’m going to wear them!

I wore pink glasses at the awards ceremony!

We got a lot of glasses, Mayuyu-san is happy!
I’ll wear them!


Today I ate gnocchi!
It was delicious (^q^) I’ll eat it again

Today a lot of things happened!
I wonder if everything that people imagine can come true?!
There are still a lot of things for humanity!

Let’s do our best, everyone!


I’m looking forward to the Halloween live on the 29th too much, I can’t sleep >< The costumes are amazing!
It's okay to look forward to it.

By the way
the Takarazuka desk calendar I bought the other day.
Next year I'm going to spend it all with the B side of August.

Good night.
Have sweet dreams.

From Mayuyu

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