(2011.10.12 23:26)

Good evening★

Today was a performance.

It was Chiichan’s birthday show゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

(Chiichan, congrats)

Congrats on turning 21♪

In this performance, there was an incidence where the stage wouldn’t move, so we stopped the performance after the units.

It’s really frustrating that we couldn’t get through the performance safely!

Everyone who came to see it, I’m really really sorry

Everyone has the memories of Chiichan’s birthday performance, so it’s happy and frustrating. We’re still depressed, but I’m glad that we could have the birthday show safely(´∀`)

I love Chiichan, and lately I’ve been able to be really honest with her.

I’ve been able to get close to Chiichan and relax a lot with her, I’m happy (^q^)

Chiichan is a perseverant kid who doesn’t show her weak parts much, but she actually has crybaby aspects like me, so I sympathize with her, and I’m glad we were able to become friends.

I’ll continue doing my best so I can support Chiichan as a younger upperclassmen!

From Lovetan.

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